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About Us

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Upgrade Cleaning Solution is a Family Owned Business based in Windermere - Florida, committed to providing the highest quality Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services by Exceeding the expectations of our clients.

For Eduardo and Daniela Pino, waiting for whatever was to come next was not an option. With two little ones at home and both parents receiving unexpected news about their jobs, they had to think fast. “When my husband and I were both furloughed, everything changed. We could sit down and wait for whatever was to come next or get up and do something,” Daniela said, co-founder of Upgrade Cleaning Solutions (UCS).

They’ve always had an idea for some kind of home services business that encompasses upscale residential and commercial cleaning at the core, with the added benefit of other common home needs such as pool care and professional organizing. So when they got furloughed, they didn’t need much convincing to start their business. After extensive research and a lot of brainstorming, UCS was born in 2019.

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Upgrade Cleaning Solutions is a BBB Accredited Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL